Recycle Rush Rules

Found this rule…what does this mean?

G16 The following actions are prohibited with regards to interaction with FIELD elements (items A-D exclude TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and LITTER):
A. grabbing
B. grasping
C. grappling
D. attaching to
E. becoming entangled
F. hanging
G. damaging (exception: unintentional damage to LITTER)
H. tying
VIOLATION: FOUL. If the Head REFEREE determines that further damage is likely to occur, offending ROBOT will be DISABLED. Corrective action (such as eliminating sharp edges, removing the damaging MECHANISM, and/or re-Inspection) may be required before the ROBOT will be allowed to compete in subsequent MATCHES.

Seems a bit vague, We can’t grab, or grasp a game element?

You are allowed to grab, grasp, grapple, and/or attach to totes, trash cans, and litter, as per the exception.

The key parts is “items A-D exclude TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and LITTER”

Ahhh yes. Thanks for pointing that out. Probably should stop skimming.

Your good, that’s why we’re here. Good luck!:]