Recycle Rush Stacking/Scoring Guide

A helpful guide to stacking and scoring in the 2015 FRC game, recycle rush.
Hope it helps!

NOTE: this does not include every way to score, just the basics.

Some notes.

These all are location dependent (scoring platform, step, landfill or auto zone).
Situation 5 is 0 points because the recycling container is not scored because it is not supported by scored gray totes.

Edit: I do not know if you wanted this exhaustive. If so you need robot set, container set, tote set, coopertition set and unprocessed litter.

Nice! This really shows how important the recycling containers are.

One nit-pick though, a recycling container has to be on a tote to be scored, so the one with just a recycling container and a pool noodle isn’t 6 points, it’s 0.

You may want to check the rules for having 1 piece of litter in a Recycling container. I don’t think that’s any points unless the Recycling container is “scored” ie is on a tote.

Each LITTER can be scored in one (1) of three (3) ways:
A. in or on a scored RECYCLING CONTAINER,
B. in the Red or Blue LANDFILL ZONE, or
C. as UNPROCESSED LITTER on either the Red or Blue side of the FIELD.
When a scored RECYCLING CONTAINER fully supports a LITTER, that LITTER is considered scored in or on that RECYCLING
CONTAINER, as demonstrated in Figure 3-5 Parts A and B. A maximum of one (1) LITTER will be scored per RECYCLING

Good image Ben, thanks.

A few quick things:

  • Looks like this was taken from (or at least inspired by) TheChewanater’s post on Reddit? Just want to make sure credit is given when due.
  • The single pool noodle, 2nd from the left, being worth 1 point is only true when it is in your Landfill Zone. If it is in your Auto Zone, it is 4 points to the other alliance.
  • I believe that the 5th from the left is also incorrect. According to the Game Manual, “Litter can be scored in or on a scored
    Recycling Container”, emphasis mine. However, in order for a Recycling Container to be scored, I believe it must be on top of at least one tote in a scoring zone.[strike] - I believe that the 9th from the right (the three Yellow Totes) might also be wrong. According to your graphic, it will give you 20 points, for the Coopertition Set. However, according to the Game Manual, “a Coopertition Set…consists of 4 Yellow Totes that are fully supported by the Step, but do not meet the requirements of a Coopertition Stack.” This is not what is shown in your graphic.[/strike]

Thanks for your input everyone. I fixed the one I got wrong. Sorry about that.

It was inspired by that post, although I saw it on twitter.

His graph is correct there - those are the three yellow autonomous totes which, when stacked, give the alliance 20 points. The Coopertition Stack is 2nd from the right, with 4 totes and 40 points.

The three yellow totes one is for autonomous mode.

Thanks. Your right

Ah, thanks. I had thought that those were incorrectly representing a Coopertition Set.

This is a great visual. Anyway I can talk you into a slight gap between groups of equal point values?

Thanks for your input everyone!