RECYCLE RUSH Wikipedia Page

For the most part of today, I have been expanding, in collaboration with a couple other fellow Wikipedia-ers, the Recycle Rush Wikipedia page, that can be viewed at I would like to know if I have missed any information or if I posted false information that needs to be corrected. Thanks!

looks good!

Thanks! No suggestions?

Now that everything is out in the open maybe you could talk about the leaks in a unbiased historical fashion, ie. It happened, this is what happened.

Personally, I would just wait until a mod steps in to give his/her approval before publicly discussing it.

You could add a note showing how the ranking system for qualifications, and finals matches has changed in comparison to previous years. It’s just one of the big things that stands apart to anyone who has glanced at FRC, but is not as involved.

This is a terrible idea. Drop leaks.

Good idea, I’ll try to get something in on that.