Recycled FIRST Prototype v1.0 is up!

Greetings to you, one and all. After much fighting with the administration with our school, Team 134 has finally reached a comprimise and started a board for the Recycled FIRST Project. Keep in mind that this is only a prototype, as it is a freely hosted server. We hope to soon have our own web server built so we won’t have to go through all the messiness of having a school-hosted site!
The board is located at .
If you have any suggestions for refinements I beg you to send them to [email protected] . The colors will be changed to our team colors, green and white with gold accents, or we may just go with a silver theme.
Like I said before, send any comments, suggestions, etc to [email protected], or just IM me on AIM at wolfhoundNH. Thank you.

Wow, great job guys!!!

Cant wait to see it ‘fully’ up and running!