Recycled Plastic Filament Survey

Hello! I’m a FIRST senior that is participating in a PLTW engineering capstone course where students research, design, and manufacture their own project. My group and I are all very fond of 3D printing technologies but we also recognized that they can result in a lot of waste plastic. Our goal is create a system that is capable of recycling past prints or general waste plastic and extruding it into filament. Part of our research requirement is to conduct a survey about our idea and the response from the target demographic. If you have any amount of experience with 3D printing I encourage you to take this survey. Even if you have never used a 3D printer before your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link for the survey:


Precious Plastic made an entire plastic recycling workspace. They shared instructions videos and technical drawings online, for free.
Learn more about this amazing projet here


When you get them, please share the drawings and/or assembly instructions! I’d love to reuse the ridiculous quantities of plastic wasted due to calibration issues, bad prints, power issues, or some other reason. (Also, our AP Environmental Science teacher hates waste plastic everywhere…)
A few comments:

  • You’re probably going to want to ensure the input can handle mid sized to large prints that are useless for whatever reason (A certain prototype comes to mind)
  • You may also want to ensure that you can have different materials

All I’m going to say is that I know at least one person who would LOVE to get his hands on one of these, if built, but more importantly if he could get it for really cheap. (And it’s not me…)


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this, we will definitely take inspiration from this project.

We don’t have much for design yet because we are still in the research phase, but once we have it designed or manufactured we would gladly help out anyone who could use our product. Also, thanks for the tips about the size of prints and different material. We currently looking at how we want to deal with different materials which will change with the survey results.