Recycling - Challenge Accepted

I must brag on the student members of TEAM 5437 - The Rocky Balboabots. The team members have been thinking about how to incorporate recycling into more of what we do as a team. Of course, we have an aluminum can recycle bin at the build site, but they wanted to do more. Our major sponsor, Rockline Industries had challenged us to find a use for the large cardboard tubes that are a byproduct of their manufacturing process. The team hit on the idea of incorporating these tubes into the practice field that we were building. A couple of items have been completed, with more on the way. See their progress at: .

That’s a great use! I hope to see more of what you come up with.

Maybe you can use them to store banners and pit hangings as well.

I assume you already use them to store some stock metal. You can use them to bring some metal stock to competition.

This is a very cool engineering project. I wish you well.
Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Good luck on the field!!

Maybe you could make one of these for your hardworking mentors!!

tube sofa.jpg

tube sofa.jpg

Stack the tubes horizontally in a shelving unit and use them for storing your stock materials. Should look like a beehive.

I predict they will need lots of banner transporting devices. So proud of this Arkansas rookie team! They competed at 3 off-season events before they were even a team - fyi.