Recycling Containers Zip Ties

Where exactly are the recycling containers ziptied because their are no holes around the edges of the lid?

If you look at the videos, the zipties are right next to the handles. You’ll probably need to drill your own holes.

There are small holes already, specifically for seals or locks. At least, our yellow tote was sealed shut.

Hey, Don, that’s a TOTE, not a RECYCLING CONTAINER.

You can see a tote zip-tie in this field photo.

But where are the GREEN recycling CONTAINERS going to be ziptied, if at all? The lids on these easily fall off and there is no obvious place to ziptie them

See Eric’s post higher in this thread.

From the FieldTour video: “the lid is secured onto the container with cable ties.”

You can see them in the video, but I haven’t been able to find anything that gives specific dimensions.

Sounds like good fodder for a Q & A question.

Sorry, here is the zip-tie on the green recycling bin.