Red and Blue Disks

I cannot find any rule on the purpose of the 6 Read and 6 Blue Disks. The manual does not say how or where these are to be used?:yikes:


Red discs score on the red pyramid goal and are the only discs able to be scored there (i.e. white or blue discs will not count for points).

Ditto for blue discs on the blue pyramid.

Can a Red robot pick up a Blue disc and score it into the 3 point goal?

So far, it sounds like there are no rules related to messing with the opposing alliances’ discs. (So yes, red could score a blue disc). But it would not count in the red pyramid. I imagine that might be clarified in an update before too long.

Most likely, a red robot could pick up a blue disk and score it in a 1, 2, or 3 point goal. They cannot score into the red 5 pt center goals. I don’t have the rule number ready for you (looking now) but the red disks are only intended for the red center goals, and vice versa. I mean, I’m sure a red robot could pick up a blue disk and score it… in a blue center goal!

Well, I know that it’s a foul if you score the blue disc in a red pyramid goal. But i have no idea about normal scoring