Red, Blue and Green Signs....HELP!!!


Do the Red, Blue, and Green signs have a specific function?
Do they go on the robots?
Do they go on the driver table?

Also, what are the inspection times? I am referring to the scheduled inspection times for the specific teams.




What Red , Green, and Blue signs are you talking about? I just got back from setting up the field (it looks awesome I might add) and thought I better check for last second questions! But, then I saw this one and it confuses me. The only signs that I am aware of is the one that each team is to make a nd bring that distinguishes your team #. We put them in front of each player station so the crowd and the announcers can tell whom each team is. This year it will a very tight fit - but thats the only sign that I know of… if this is not what you are talking about please post quickly!

I have heard from my teachers here at OTECH that there was some form of colored identifier used on the robots last year, they had to make them last minute. I have heard that the “identifiers” are colored lights that go on the robot to decern between what team each robot is on. My teachers were wondering if the "signs"are these lights or are a tag or sign that goes on the drivers table, maybe both. This is all I know.

We provide the colored beacons and you provide the number signage on the robot - any color any style is okay with us.