Red Bull Air Race

Lately I discovered this crazy competition called the Red Bull Air race. It is basically an obstacle course that planes have to pass through.
The winner of the competition is the pilot that passes the obstacle course the fastest.
The only problem is that during the course the pilots have to do crazy maneuvers, sometimes vertically and 30 feet over the ground,
at speeds of 250 MPH while going through pressures of 6+ G’s. This race looks crazy, dangerous and amazingly fun.

Just wanted to share this with you guys…

Here is some more information:

That’s awesome!
I think I saw something for that on TV a few weeks ago. Is it televised?

It might be televised locally where the races are held. I think it is mostly on news networks and shows that do a story about it.
Anyway, there are lots of videos you can see on the site…

it is televised on i belive speed or someother channel maybe discovery every year when they do it. It is also live webcasted when it is held. Check the site for details on the 06 season

Does anyone know when the Red Bull Flugtag is going to be aired?
It’s basically home-made “flying” contraptions being launched off a platform about 20ft above water.