Red Card in Playoff 6 Chezy Champs

Does anyone have a clip of the red card in playoff 6 of Chezy Champs?

I was hoping RSN would show it in the stream but they didn’t. Would be interesting to see.


For reference in the video: 1:10 video time, 2:05 match time remaining.

And with G205B written the way it is, it’s about as straightforward a red card call* as you can get. Both robots were moving towards each other, 694’s intake hit inside 7157 (whose own intake looked like it was stowed), 7157 didn’t move after that and part of 7157 looked like it was trailing down.

*Plus 2 techs–but seriously, when the alliance is knocked out by a red card, I’m thinking those 2 techs not making it into the score is a better call.


Any idea about the damage? CAN bus perhaps?

90% chance of CAN bus.


Yea, after the contact, our CAN bus got messed up. We tried but weren’t able to diagnose the issue, but hopefully we figure it out soon. Devices at the beginning of our chain were down, but devices at the end of the chain were fine.


Thanks for showing this clip. Sorry about the collision from our alliance.
It was unfortunate for both alliances.


No worries, it’s all part of the game and taught us a good lesson on where we should improve to prevent this in the future. It was still a great experience competing against you guys this weekend though :slight_smile:


Yeah this is a pretty clear cut red card, sorry we hit you guys like that. Would have been great to have played out the match with you guys with both alliances at full strength.


This video might also help somewhat for clarification, it is a POV from the GoPro on our robot of what happened. It is unfortunate for both teams for that match to have gone down that way, but hey things happen, no worries


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