hello everyone…
i am in senior year mechatronics engineering… my project is Active Traffic And Vehicle warning system…i am kinda new to labview so i’ll get straight to the point …i am now working on 2 USB camera system in the front and back of the vehicle connected to a laptop as a monitoring system…anyway…i want the 2 camera’s to detect red color and display a message or a boolean LED or anything indicating there is a red color…i could acquire an image only by using a vi that i found online…but color detection is way better,…i know i am asking much…but seriously i tried alot and still not able to do it…i am using labview 8.0 and 2 USB camera’s that i found in my house that no one uses…and they are both working fine…so if anyone has this kind of program and a bit of explanation about it…i’ll be very thankfull…i appretiate ur concern guys

Unfortunately I cannot help you (I am not a programmer), but this (red color detection) is a task that was used by many teams in the 2009 FRC game. There is somewhere a VI that does this for you, and so long as you adjust the settings it seems quite reliable.

I am hoping that someone knows where the color tracking VI can be had.

If you have access to the NI Vision Analysis package, then you can use either the FRC example for color tracking, or you can rebuild it from the color threshold VI. The color threshold takes in an upper and lower color used for thresholding. The results of the threshold will be a mask where the pixels are either ones or zeroes. One if the input pixel was between upper and lower in the color space, and zero otherwise. The next step is to call the particle analysis report VI to describe the blobs in the mask. It can give bounds, area, etc.

Greg McKaskle

thatnk for the replys guys…i really appretiate ur concern…but i couldnt even initiate the…it’s not working i guess some of the libraries are not workin…and i dont know what to be put where so i can acquire image and analize it…any other suggestions…plz…it’s urgent…my final presentation is next friday…i am in deeep $@#$@#$@#$@#…

If a LV VI has a broken arrow, the button is not grayed out. You can still push it and it will list the errors and hopefully help you fix the issues. I don’t know what you’ve installed or tried. Taking a guess, I suspect that you either don’t have vision installed at all, or you haven’t activated it. Other issues could be that the camera and computer aren’t on compatible networks. You’ll get much better help if you describe the errors you are seeing instead of describing how much of a hurry you are in.

Greg McKaskle