Red Herrings anyone?

So, I’m a bit curious- with the exception of this render, which actually appears to be from the [EDIT]2006 game.

As visible in this thread from last year, there were plenty of fishies floating around by October. We’re well into November, and no significant leads for us to debate!

Haha, it seems either Dave has been keeping his mouth full of Butter-fried Krispy Kremes, or the GDC’s having trouble trumping last year’s game…:wink: (Challenge, Challenge…) :smiley:

FYI 2nd URL is

That fish render is also a year old…

it IS almost a year old, isn’t it? and yet, it’s still buggin’ me.


I think that that clue from a year ago provides an ample amount of information. Along with that post by Dave on that picture and some examination of the patterns in past games, there’s alot to think about. In fact, our team has come up with so many theories off of that one picture, we added a page to our website about it.

The whole website thing isn’t 100% done yet so there may be a few typos.

Also, I would have liked to post this entire thing onto ChiefDelphi just to keep all theories in one place, but it was just too long and we wanted to have lots of pictures with it.


Ahh, Grasshopper. What is it that is “buggin’ you”? Is it that while you are fishing for clues, you are lured in? You must learn to glide across the diversions and false starts like a strider crossing a still pond.


oh no more water. “fishing” “lured” “still pond”

my only guess is a small pond of water for a field which we must float on and go fishing. :confused:

You guys are missing the biggest clue of them all…

Corey and I have already figured out about 90% of the new game.

We’re gonna redesign our controller to be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing.

C’mon guys, it’s never that obvious.

Let’s see…Strider…Aragorn…Lord of the Rings…we’re playing a ring toss game. Probably like at the midway of the county fair, with goldfish in a plastic bag as a prize.

One red herRING to rule them all, one red herRING to find them, one red herRING to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

What is this ‘Biggest Clue’? and how can you have 90% of the game figured out on one clue sent out so far? I always think that I have the game at least somewhat figured and then when it is announced I am always way off. And if I did get anything right, it was just something minor or truely obvious (like the three lights this year) detail. I’d be uber impressed if you really did have 90% of the game.

So are you two going to start giving out game hints as well? :eek:

If y’all are doing this much reading into what Dave isn’t saying, why would he want to distract your thoughts by actually saying something? I mean, that would go against the whole reason that he gives us hints, right… :rolleyes:

I like the ring toss conclusion, that’s really good.

How bout this- Grasshopper, glide across, false starts, why not some kind of elaborate leapfrog game? That could get quite interesting. -JH

All I’m going to say for now is black is the new pink and the shamrock flies at midnight.


Gah, harder to figure out than a screwdriver, paperweight, and a model airplane. :wink:

you guys cant be serious. i bet dlavery gave you kks to start dropping false hints

And nobody should forget this

Can’t be that - did you see the newspaper reports over the weekend that KK’s sales have declined 19% in 2 years? Dave must not have been achieving his quotas. Hmm, two years - wouldn’t that be just about when Spirit and Opportunity went from active development and deployment to maintenance mode? Do you think NASA successes are due to a diet of KK’s?

the batons would float so a water game isnt completely ruled out.

also i wouldnt assume batons for 07 just because were all sort of expecting it now and the gdc likes to throw us with crazy ideas.

I wonder if those ‘batons’ would fit inside of mailboxes :yikes:

Elves, Hobbits, Dwarfs…and Leprechauns? That is a lot of little people!