Red Light Black Jaguar

Hi guys, we’re having a problem with a black jaguar, the led starts flashing red when we comunnicate to computer. When the jaguar is just connected to power distribution, it flashes yellow, that’s ok, but when we enable driver station or try to configure CAN it starts flashing red.
We checked the limit swicth and voltage, and after resetting its says; “gate fault”.
Does anyone have a ideia of what’s is going on? mus we chance the mosfet?
thank you

Yes, that’s indicating a short inside the jaguar, probably in one of the mosfets. If it was in your kit this year, it is still under warranty.

Ok, I get it. Thank you for the help Joe!

We had the same problem last year. open the jag and clean of the board. There may be some aluminum shavings in there.

Cover your electronics with a blanket when you drill :smiley:

AND use a vacuum.