Red Light Crisis on Spike

We are using pneumatics on the robot and we have all the components ready. Compressor piston solenoid air tanks and spikes. When we hit the button on the joystick in order to start the piston the spike connected to the piston flashes red. But I know that it should be green. What can be done to solve it ? Any ideas ?

I believe the light color depends on the direction of the output voltage. Does the compressor turn on?

[quote=cilginbilgin;1115893start the piston the spike[/QUOTE]

The way you phrase that, it makes it seem that your have the pneumatics cylinder is wired into the spike?[/quote]

We have a **solenoid valve ** that is wired to the spike.

Ok well there’s your problem. The solenoid valve needs to be plugged into the solenoid break out on the crio.

and I highlighted cylinder because calling it a piston is a pet peeve of mine. lol

Oh and depending on what kind of valve it is 12v or 24v. it needs the proper wiring.

You can drive a 12 V solenoid valve with a Spike relay. You can even put multiple solenoid valves on one relay:

Each power-regulating device (speed controller or relay module) shall control one and only one electrical load (motor, actuator, electric solenoid, or compressor).

Exception: Multiple low-load, pneumatic solenoid valves or lights may be connected to a single relay module. This would allow one relay module to drive multiple pneumatic actions or multiple lights. No other electrical load can be connected to a relay module used in this manner.

Is the light flashing or solid? A solid red light means the relay is set to reverse. To set it forward (green light) you need to change the direction of the relay in your code. What language are you using?

EDIT - Seems the OP is trying to use a 24 V solenoid. In that case, you have to use the solenoid breakout. And you do not connect a Spike to the solenoid breakout; you connect the solenoid valve directly to the solenoid breakout. If you want to use a Spike to drive a 12 V solenoid valve, you connect the Spike to the digital sidecar, never to the solenoid breakout.

I will start from the very beginning.I have a solenoid valve that is wired into the spike.

Here is the valve that we use.

Then I wired the pwm output of the spike to 2 ports on the solenoid breakout.

Pneumatics.bmp (1.68 MB)

Pneumatics.bmp (1.68 MB)

Well I didn’t know that thanks. I just find it easier to use the break out. It saves space.

Well thats a 24v and it has to go to break out and that pictures seems to be wired wrong.

But there are lights on both corners of the valve.

Doesn’t this mean that valve is powered correctly ?

Here is our code.



Not quite, On one side of the valve power and ground need to come from the PD and the other side goes to the ground and power side of the spike (M+, M-).

But if it is a 24v valve, it needs to be wired to a 24v breakout. It will only get 12v for a spike.

When you use a 24 volts solendoid valve, the only legal and correct way to use it is to wire the solenoid module in the Crio for 24 volts. There is a wiring diagram on the First website to assist you. I believe you can find it in the KOP section. The Spike can only control 12 volts. While some people have reported that their 24 volt valves work on 12 volts, they are not reliable at that voltage.

So what you are saying is don’t wire the spike with the valve , just wire the valve to the solenoid breakout ? OR…

Thanks for your help , Pat and Al :slight_smile:

It seems as though your wiring is entirely wrong.

The Spike Relay replaces the Solenoid breakout.

If you choose to use the solenoid breakout, each side of the solenoid can be connected to a separate channel on the solenoid breakout board, no spike needed

If you choose to use a Spike relay, then you would connect the Spikes signal input to the Relay section on the Digital Sidecar using a PWM cable. No solenoid board or module needed; this can be a slight weight savings when using only one or two solenoids.

In addition, the solenoid link you provided is for a 24v solenoid. To use this solenoid, you must connect the solenoid to the solenoid breakout, and power the solenoid breakout from the 24v cRio power supply.

Yes, exactly. The two wires from a side of the solenoid valve go directly to a 2-pin connection on the solenoid breakout. No need for a spike.