Red Pool Noodle NEEDED!

Does any team that is going to the MAR Chestnut Hill district competition this week have any red pool noodle that we could have? The pool noodle we need is 2.5 inch diameter and has a inner diameter hole that is 1 inch diameter, but if any team just has any red pool noodle that will be helpful too.

Thanks in advance,
Team 321: The RoboLancers

I’m pretty sure that poodles on robots are illegal, since their teeth might accidentally pop a ball. However, this is only my first year being an inspector, so I’m not totally confident about that one.

{ tongue firmly in cheek }
Many things on a robot can pop the ball and are legal.
… and while the poodle is, most likely, legal, I believe the SPCA and PETA would have issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my dog.

Check local stores. Our Meijer (all in one kind of store - you can buy a drill, a steak, a grill for you steak, shoes, and a bike all in the same trip) in Michigan is stocking pool noodles already and we still have a foot of snow on the ground.

Dogs are not allowed due to ther muscles using small amounts of electricity to expand and contract which woould not be allowed since that electricity did not originally come from the battery on the robot.

Does it have to be red? And how much do you need?

I can bring you some SoCal noodles, but I am packing in a couple hours to fly out