Red Sox vs Yankees

Cubs vs Cardinals, but Red Sox vs Yankees


Oh no not again


Unfortunately I have no liking to either, so I will not be playing.

You bring peace to this land

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Anyone BUT the Yankee’s. Any true baseball fan is either a Yankees fan (who has no life) or hates the Yankees.

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oof this is rough this thread is really sad lol

Threads like this we why discourse has a mute feature


I don’t hate the Yankees so I guess I’m not a true baseball fan. But I’m ok with that :joy:


Just out of curiosity, what’s everyone’s favorite team? My favorite team is the Mariners, but it tears me apart that they had to rebuild a team who 2/3 of the way through last season were on pace to win over 100 games.

Red Sox

At least it’s not the Yankees

lol, yeah of course not because the yankees suck

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so were u angry when stanton went to the yanks

No, I think he is overrated. I know he has massive power, but the way I would be designing my lineup if I were a GM is to make a lot of players foul off pitches to get to the bullpens faster and to play small-ball because small-ball is much more efficient at manufacturing runs then the long-ball.

Besides, the Yankees are paying a boatload of money for a “franchise player,” not a player who will help them win a world series.