Red Stick Rumble Registration

Hi all,

Registration for The Red Stick Rumble (To be held on August 30th and 31st) will be open in one hour. The first five teams to register will receive $100 off the overall cost of regular registration of $250.00. Early registration will save you $50.00 until June 15th. We are currently issuing invoices for checks and also accept Paypal.

You can find all the information at

Congratulations to DiscoBots 2587 for being our first registered team. We are honored that they would choose to travel from Houston to compete. We have four slots left for teams to receive a $50.00 discount on their early registration at

We just registered. Your about page still says the event will be held on September 13th and 14th, you might want to update that to avoid confusion.

456 just signed up as well.

Thank you to Spectrum 3847 and FRC Team 456 Siege Robotics for registering to compete in the Red Stick Rumble. Your skill and gracious professionalism will add much to the competition and to the event as a whole. We now have two slots left for teams to receive a $50.00 refund on their early registration at

Oh - and AllenGregory - thanks for the heads up. It now reads correctly :slight_smile:

We are going sign up soon. What exactly is going to happen on Friday because we would like to come down on Saturday if Friday is just optional practice.

Friday will be an optional practice day. We may try to bring in a guest speaker or something to that extent or perhaps setup a Lasertag event at a local establishment but nothing that can’t be missed. I am also trying to persuade our administration to allow us to play one or two pickup games in front of the entire school on Friday as well. If you can’t make it both days, you should have plenty of time to get in on Saturday for the competitive portion.

Oh - and another note - I want to welcome Team 1912, Team Combustion, to the Rumble. They signed up yesterday. This is looking like it is going to be a great event with some amazing teams taking part. I hope many more teams decide to come take part and register at