Red Stick Rumble - The Post About Food

Hi all,

So we’ve finally gotten the RSR food selection ready to go. One of the local grocery stores is going to be grilling, frying, and cooking up some tasty meals. We are asking that teams pre-order if they can. Payment can be made by Paypal or by Check on arrival at the event. Preorder can be done at

So - what do we got?

Jambalaya Plate with a huge scoop of jambalaya, white beans, and a slice of bread.

Grilled Hamburger Plate with chips and a drink.

Fried Chicken Tender Plate with some crispy chicken tenders, chips, and a drink.

Grilled Sausage Sandwich plate with some Louisiana Sausage on a hot-dog bun, chips, and a drink.

And finally our Nacho Meal - a simple meal with Nachos, your choice of candy, and a drink…

I should also mention that we are looking for one more FRC team so that we can have a full 24 teams.