Red Vs. Blue (Halo)

This has got to be one of the most hilerious web-series I’ve seen. I love the fact that they’ve used to Halo PC game to make an entire comical series off of it. Anyone else watch it, or keep track of it?

…is it a Puma (or a Chupa-thingy)? :smiley:

RvB is hilarious.

I’ve only seen a little of it, but I think it must have taken a while, especially if someone got pissed and “wasted” the entire “crew” :cool:

I got the DvD of it last year, for just the first season. Well worth it, and incredibly funny. We watched it on our bus ride up to nationals on a laptop(and at low volume, rather mouthy those guys :-p )

I think most people in my LAN group can quote about the entire first season. We randomly break out with RvB quotes regularily.

“Is it a spider? Get it off!”
“No, it’s more of a fuzzy blue thing.”
“It’s a fuzzy blue spider! Get it off!”

Comic genius.

redvsblue is hilarious.

They’re making some for the Sims 2, as well :-p

I love Red vs. Blue…

What’s it called? Will it have the same characters? If so, it could be interesting… :wink:

I’ve only watched about 3 episodes of it but it was absolutely great. Better than Strongbad emails by a longshot.

I watched the one where each team had a rookie to train. One team was like “Rookie, go into the base and wait for the General.” and the other team was like “Rookie, go buy some elbow grease and headlight fluid.” Anybody who watched RVB probably knows which one I’m talking about by now so I’ll stop. =P

Oh, yeah, Caboose. Later he found a tank and it locked onto one of his teammates. :eek: Anyway, you can download most of the episodes off their site.

EDIT: The rookie may have been Donut, depends on which team. Caboose was blue and Donut was red (more accurately, pink, or as he likes to call it, “lightish red”).

It’s called The Strangerhood, it doesn’t have the same characters, and what I’ve seen isn’t nearly as good as RvB. Impressive effort, though, those Sims never do anything I tell them…

They actually used the xbox version before the pc and ran it through a video capture card. It even tells you in the faqs or something.

Yeah they use four X-Boxs, and a closet-made-sound-booth. I saw a lot of stuff on the Halo2 platinum edition DVD. RvB = Hillarious!

“Madre de Dios!”

RvB > *…

havent watched any of season 3 cause im waiting till it comes out on DVD =P… i own both season 1 and 2 now…

“I could blow up the whole god $@#$@#$@#$@# world with this tank” or
“I just want you to know that rocks aren’t people”

Is that from the same episode with this gem: “Wait…Church isn’t a target.”
By the way, where did you get the DVDs? Are they in any stores, or just for sponsors?

And, Red vs. Blue is the absolute best thing on the Internet, in my opinion (maybe after Chief Delphi ;))

Some game stores have the DVDs in little kiosks on their counters…

Ahh, I should have known that there was more to their online store than Sheila tank tops and Caboose hoodies. :wink: