Hey guys,

I was just thinking, since Reddit is open source, the type of discussion on Chief Delphi is actually much better suited to the Reddit architecture. It may be impossible to do, but in my opinion, it would just be better suited to the discussions here.

First, Reddit allows for posts that are just links, but also for text based posts.
Second, nested replies would be a welcomed addition here, because often a reply won’t appear for 5 or 6 pages.
Third, it would be great if better posts (which would get more upvotes) would show up higher on the page.
Fourth, it would reduce load on the moderators to control spam and trolls because the community would do that.

I hope you will consider this, however, I would understand if you have reservations.

Well, if anyone wants to create a subreddit, go ahead. There’s already an FRC community there.

At the same time that community moderation removes spam and puts popular questions towards the top, continued discussions would be pushed down over time, even if they weren’t finished. Not every question would reach the top either, and most may never see it.

Nested replies, I like. But I’m not sure the entire Reddit-esque architecture would be suitable for here.

Feel free to join us on r/FRC or r/firstrobotics.

While that might seem like a good idea, we already have two subreddits for that. Unless you advertise /r/frc and /r/firstrobotics, more useful discussion and on-topic discussion can be found here on Chief Delphi.