Redesigned AMB Calculator Beta

I’ve updated and redesigned my AMB calculator as a website, and I’m looking for beta testers before releasing it publicly. Help me find (and fix) as many bugs as possible now so the production version will work smoothly. People with experience in web design and/or mechanical engineering would definitely be very helpful but not required. If you’re interested, fill out the form here to get access.

Any feedback can be sent to my email (arimb1999 at gmail dot com), as a ChiefDelphi PM, or as an issue/PR on the GitHub. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out!


Just off the bat, WOW! This is absolutely phenomenal! Such a brilliant tool laid out so beautifully! I cannot wait for this to be released publicly.
I’ll have a play around and see if i can break it. How nit picky do you want us to be?


You can be as nit picky as you want. The more problems that can get fixed in beta, the less there will be for the public release. Other than my students who did some alpha testing, you’re the first people to see the site so any feedback is welcome.

Thanks to everyone who’s responded so far!

One comment I’ve heard a few times is the lack of documentation and context hints. Don’t worry, they’re in the process of being added and will be there before the site goes public.

And for anyone else who wants to join the beta and help out, the sign-up is still open.

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Docs, tooltips, and some examples are added. The site is more or less ready to go unless anyone has other comments or suggestions. Thanks a ton for the great advice I’ve gotten from the beta group.

Regardless of whether you’re helping with the beta, I’d like to register a custom domain for the site and could use suggestions for something memorable. Let me know if you have any ideas :)

Something looks off about these plots…