Rediculous lawsuit site

Please: Keep all posts regarding this site in this thread. The last thing I would want is this forum overrun by wasteful threads.

One of the funnier ones…

October 21 – “Demand for more ugly people on TV”. “Lecturer Trond Andresen of the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim accuses the media of discriminating against the ugly and emphasizing beautiful people whenever possible. Andresen wants higher ugly quotas on television. ‘Ugly people should be spotlighted in the media in the same way that the media wishes to emphasize persons from ethnic minorities,’ Andresen, a lecture at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics, said to newspaper Bergens Tidende.”

How do you define who is ugly?

Including… (If you haven’t heard already)

August 1 – Sic 'em on Segway. As the Los Angeles Times reported July 23 (registration process too frustrating to give them a link), one law firm is already announcing plans to organize lawsuits against Segway (also known as “It” or “Ginger”), the smart scooter whose backers think it could revolutionize urban transportation (see Dec. 13, 2001). “We believe that the Segway HT is potentially a legal nightmare and will be the basis for many lawsuits, both from the corporate and consumer side,” explains the website, which sports the tastefully restrained name of and was put up by a “successful corporate law firm” calling itself the “USA Immigration Law Center”.

Sue-It has been out for a while now, but the main thing is that all their “flaws” of the Segway are user based, meaning that the user causes all of the problems (like how LLC is responsable for theft.)

Omg that is the funniest thing in the world. We are planning to sue the segway because it is a vehicle. Lol:) Their arguements are valid for any vehicle.