Redistributing the DS and utilities.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the licensing terms are as far as redistributing the driver station and utilities like the RoboRIO imaging tool. I’m trying to simplify the setup process for getting someone up and ready to program the robot, and I thought it would be great to just package up the tools using Cameyo and host it on our server for team members to download. Would this violate any sort of EULA for the driver station and utilities?

Hi Darth:
This is a great project!
My team is trying to load code on a new RoboRIO and they ran into a road block when entering their serial number. I searched the forum, but did not find an answer. While this is not on topic, I could really use some help.

Looking at the FIRST/FRC documentation we first tried image the RIO. But upon review I read that we needed to load the development environment and then image. I also found some info on the NI site that is different.

What steps should I follow to be able to run Java on the RoboRIO?

NI Link:

FRC Links:

I have no idea about Java. We use C++. In order to image for C++ though we needed to install the National Instruments utilities and then go to the RoboRIO Imaging Tool in the National Instruments folder.

The imaging tool is buried inside the National Instruments/LabView2014 folder.

It’s not a “licensing” provision, as such, but teams are asked not to rehost any of the FRC files.

Okay, I guess I’ll just make them install the utilities manually then.

Thanks for the link.
I think my team tried this and got hung up on the Serial Number conformation.
I called NI but they were not helpful. Their response was to wait until January so you don’t get a head start. When I explained we were already 9 months behind, it didn’t matter. No help at all.

The serial number can be found on the LabVIEW package in the KoP for 2015.