Reducing Camera Shake

Hey guys! While we have a couple ideas of our own, we wanted to hear from our community members at Chief Delphi. What are your top tips to reduce the shake of cameras mounted to your robot?

Suggestions for autonomous vision, driver vision, and go-pros for awesome promotional videos are welcome.



Do a web search for gimbal. It will smooth it out some. But I don’t think it would be able to smooth out large sharp impacts or bumps very well.

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You could try to attach your camera to rubber mounts instead of straight to the metal. I use this when assembling racing quadcopters. Like this go pro mount I found on google images.

My team used this same method in 2017 when we attached our vision camera directly to flywheel shooter/ turret and it worked perfectly.

Of course, you could diamagnetically level it over a small pool of water on the bot (or field…)

No water game for you.

Oof. Then a frog. Use a frog for a diamagnet

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