Referee Standards and Handbook

Hello all,

I worked as a referee for the NC State FLL Championships and the NC Rookie Tournament last year. I am now working with the newly formed NCFIRST organization to develop standards for refereeing FLL tournaments across the state.

Is there any documentation out there for training refereeing for FLL tournaments? I am willing to write my own document but would like to have a starting point and/or template.

Thanks in advance,

FRC Team 2108 - Team Awkward Turtle
Cary, NC

Do you have the FLL Referee Guide (pdf file) from the last season (Climate Connection)?

If not, I can send you a copy; PM me with an email. :]

Two years ago I wrote a referee’s guide to Power Puzzle, because so many of the rules were new and confusing. I got collaboration from several state and World Fest refs. Last year’s challenge was so much more understandable that I didn’t feel it was needed.

VIMS has a description of volunteer positions, such as this one for a FRC referee: I thought there had been similar ones for FLL in the past, but I don’t see them there now.

I also suggest you contact your NC FLL Operational Partner as he/she would have been given the Referee Guide at their recently held training conference. As the game has not been released, I don’t think this year’s guide has been shown to anyone yet, but the partner should be able to send you last year’s guide.