Reference Balancing the Bridge and 2 goals

Posted by Andy Novocin at 2/15/2001 2:08 AM EST

Student on team #86, Team Resistance, from Stanton College Prep and Vistakon.

My first time on the Chief Delphi site, but I was reading the last few sets of posts, and I think one of our advantages for balancing both goals, is being able to balance them both from off of the bridge, so that no matter what we can get the 4X multipltier and at least ten points for being in the end zone, and with the 13 balls a human player can load into one goal, thats not too bad, considering everyone else is broken down (which with our luck will probably happen). Also I found that lifting the bridge from the four foot side is not terribly difficult, we use a peice of lexan, that will slide under well without doing any damage, I hope its not just carpet.
Can’t wait for competition,