I was wondering maybe Im the only one that noticed this but at the Peachtree Regional every time my team would go up the Reff on stage never really paid much attention. In previous years we usually have a reff standing behind us to make sure we do not step out of the box, leave before time is up, ect. This year the Reff that was on our side of the stage was more concentrated on the human player moment more than anything. (Which I understand for the 10 seconds that he or she is in there) Once the Human Player was done and came back to the Drivers Station the Reffs still did not pay much attention. You could have jumped before Auto mode was over, left your box and I do not think they would have even noticed. Did anyone have the same problem with Reff’s? I just find it weird because they are usually 10 times more anal.

at our regional (in NJ, don’t remember the name) the refs were 20 times more anal about the human player stacking than the peoples… a few times a team was told to step back, or move move, but that was before their matches so that doesn’t count… on hindsight, they didn’t really watch the 3 ft line at all…

maybe they don;t care because the drivers can’t control anything while the auto mode is enabled?

at UCF not many rules, especially the DQ ones weren’t enforced. A few teams should have been disqualified (it was so obivious). Refs slacking…don’t count on it but it happens.