ReFire Quick Connect for 550 and 775 Series Motors - XT60 and Anderson Powerpole Versions

ReFire Solutions is happy to announce the ReFire Quick Connect - a solder on motor terminal connector adapter that works on both 550 and 775 series motors and includes versions for either a XT60 or Anderson Powerpole connector.

Key Features:
• Anderson Powerpole and XT60 Connector Options
• One Part Fits Most 550 and 775 Series Style Motors
• Adjustable Clock Angle in 45° Increments
• Unrestricted Air Flow to Motor Vents
• 40 Amp Rated Current Capacity

Additional information can be found on our product pages here:
ReFire Quick Connect with XT60
ReFire Quick Connect with Anderson Powerpole

Who am I and who is ReFire Solutions?
I am the lead mentor for FIRST Team 2481, The Roboteers. As a student in 2008, I helped start our team; and, as a college student in 2012, I became the lead mentor. I studied Electrical Engineering at Bradley University and started ReFire Solutions LLC in 2016. ReFire Solutions helps businesses research new and upcoming ideas and aid them in rapid development through prototyping, R&D, engineering design, software development, and engineering consulting. I am very passionate about bridging the gap for students involved in FIRST robotics who are going on to work in professional careers; thus, all of ReFire’s current employees are FIRST alumni.


I wish these were available sooner. We just finished wiring nearly all of our 775s with XT60s and would’ve loved to be able to just purchase this style of connector.

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Thank you for developing an XT60 version. Finally, someone is listening to what we want.

A few questions… In the items not included, what is the connector retention cable tie that you’re referring to, and I see you’re rating these at 40A - what oz copper and trace widths did you design this with?

The XT60 connectors are rated for 60A, and with the FLA of the 775Pro at 134A, how did you decide that 40A was a good compromise? What type of testing did you do on these?

Again, thank you very much for making the XT60 flavor for these. I look forward to getting them and using them extensively!

Thanks for your interest and questions. The “connector retention cable tie” referenced is the grey zip tie that can be used to retain the mating connector. (See picture below)

The PCB has 2oz copper and the trace width at the narrowest spot is about 0.29”. The majority of the current carrying path is 0.37” wide or greater on both sides of the PCB. These are rated at 40 amps because they are designed to be used in conjunction with a 40 amp Snap Action breaker in common applications used by FIRST teams. We tested these by soldering leads to the farthest motor terminal connections and then running two different tests. One test was with a 40 amp sustained load from a 40 amp equivalent resistive load bank. The second test was conducted by running a CIM motor at stall and near stall conditions (breaker bypassed as would otherwise trip).

Thank you for your reply! I wondered if you based it on the Snap breaker, and assumed you had. Again, thank you for providing a nice, clean looking option for the XT60 connectors!

The team will be ordering some asap!