Reflective material

Ok I read the entire manual, but i didn’t see anything restricting the use of the reflective tape on the robot. Does anyone see a rule restricting this? Thanks.

Why would you do this? Is this an underhanded way of distracting camera tracking strategies with a reflective box on your robot? Then no. Please see R08c.

Actually not to give to many ideas away I was thinking of using it to aid in cross field ball shooting.

The ideal of mimicing a backboard as a way of recieving cross fields passes occured to me.

  1. I think you might not be considered to be violating R08c, if you had a way to only show the backboard when you were attempting to recieve a pass.
  2. I am not sure that a random robot (your teammates) vision system would be able to lock on to a backboard in front of a background of other backboards.

Perhaps a better idea is to come up with a secondary vision target that will not interfere with robots shooting hoops, and get other to accept it, mostly by sharing the code that will work with that target design.

It certianly is a way of enabling cooperation between teams that is in the sprit of FIRST.

I think such a strategy would work, but it doesn’t require accurate passes like that. Just throwing the balls in the general area of the robot so that your partner can ground acquire would be just as effective.

Besides, if your robot can shoot balls into another robot, you might as well shoot balls into a hoop. The more balls you score, the more balls come out of the inbounder station on your scoring side, and the less useful a passing strategy becomes.

I just need a yes or no, should I ask the GDC?

No, avoid it.

If you are not willing to put in the work of showing that you are not breaking R08c you shouldn’t do it.

Sarcasum… gotta love it.

To answer the question: yes, ask the GDC.