Reflective materials?

I know how to make it glossy or shiny (specularity), but how can I make a material actually reflect the other objects in the scene? I imagine I must be missing something somewhere, please let me know.

Thank you!

Under the “reflection” channel in the material editor, select that and choose either raytrace I believe or else “flat mirror”.

I’m afraid I can’t find teh reflection channel. Could you describe what it is exactly I am looking for or where to find it? Thanks!

Press “M” to bring up the material editor.

Select the “Reflection” Channel and click on “none”

Then select “Flat Mirror”

I have highlighted what you need to do, this is in 3dsmax7

Hope this helps

Thank you very much! I couldn’t have asked for more detailed instructions! I’ll do that now.

edit- Okay, i’ve tried it, but it still doesn’t work. Do I have to mess with some settings in the reflection > flat mirror map properties? :-/

Could you post a screen of your settings? As well as the other material properties you have on them…

The easiest way out… is of course to just open the raytrace material library that max comes with. At which point you can see how those work.

In your material editor, click that box that say “standard” (this is the type of material button thing…) then click “mlt Library” under “browse from” Then hit open… and choose “Raytraced_01” or 02… whatever. But those are pure reflective materials so make sure you play around with the falloff/decay settings and such to get a realistic effect.

And if that’s still hard, try making an “Architectural” material. There’s a Drop-Down list with all kinds of types, like “Metal-Polished” for example.

Play around with the different settings to see what you like.

ok, depending EXACTLY on what you want to put a reflection on, you could use many different methods… if you want to make something look more realistic when you have a reflection on it go to your material editor(m) and go up to button that says standard, click on it and go down to raytrace, once you’ve done this go into the basic parameters rollout and go to reflect, click on the little square next to it to apply a map to it. When the screen comes up select fall off, once selected it brings up the properties for the map. While in the properties go to falloff type where it says perspective\parallel and go down to fresnel. Fresnel falloff is a more lifelike falloff that adjusts to how you look at it from your view\viewport. Apply the material to an object and if you’re going for the metal look, go back into the material’s basic parameters and change the material type from blinn(i think that’s the standard) to metal and mess around with the diffuse and specular maps\colors\values and also the glossiness… If you have any questions, i’d be happy to answer them. I hope that I helped you out a little bit