Reflective tape and April tag integration

So this is something that i found a bit interesting, it seems like the April tags are positions in places meant for cube scoring while the reflective tape is on the rods where you insert the cones.

I was initially under the impression that they were going to be side by side so you could use either or, but it seems like you have to use both if you’d like to align for either cone or cube.

Any thoughts on this? Implementation in code etc anything

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You can localize yourself on the field with the AprilTags, from there you can build a path to the game scoring location.

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It seems like this would be difficult as all apriltags are placed low. They will be constantly occluded by other robots. Am I missing something?

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If a team wants to be super precise with their vision, I imagine they could use both (you would probably need multiple coprocessors for this, I suspect. I don’t trust a Pi/Arduino/roboRio to handle both at once).

For basic positioning, you can pretty much get the same information out of either approach, with slightly different precision. The cone nodes’ positions are the same relative to each AprilTag, and the cube nodes are the same relative to the retroreflective tape, so it’s just a matter of which offsets you (don’t) want to calculate more.

Our team will likely go with AprilTags just because processing them is more reliable and less of a pain than the tape.

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