Regal Eagle Rampage Week 0 Webcast 2/10 1pm ET

The Regal Eagle Rampage Week 0 event will take place on Saturday 2/10 with coverage starting at 1pm Eastern!

Watch at or

If you have a event, competition or conference that you would like to be streamed on FUN’s channel for free contact us at admin@firstupdatesnow.

Let us know what you thought about the event and of Power Up play.

This should be called week -1.

You’re right, but by the time we thought to change it all the promo material was ready.

Thanks to everyone in the community supporting this event. It’s a crazy undertaking and I’m so glad everyone has been so accepting of it. The practice match portion of the event will be streamed, so that’s from 1 pm - 4 pm. From 4 pm - 4:30 pm we will have award ceremonies.

Hopefully this can plant a seed for future growth and strengthening of teams across southern new york.

1775 will be happily watching. Thank you so much Eagles for giving us a sneak-peak to a Power Up Game!

As building permits, 1729 will be watching!

Congrats to Regal Eagles and Smiti Shah for making this event happen.

While suffering through lack of power-cube covers and game-day wifi issues - still made it happen, we enjoyed seeing a few rounds, and seeing the game play as early as week -1!

Curious - who was the swerve drive team with the scaler?

Will any video be uploaded? I wasn’t able to watch live, but would love to check out some footage.


I like the drive it like you stole it there!’’

Don’t stop!

Thank you page2067!

Thank you so much to all of the teams that came and all of the parents, students, and mentors that made this event possible. I had an absolute blast and despite falling asleep in the volunteer lounge shortly after the close of the event, I am so ready to see this happen again next year.

We apologize the stream may have been a little low res, we didn’t have access to ethernet and had to use a hotspot. Definitely an improvement for next year. The field elements were a couple inches off at any given time, and again something we would want to fix for next year.

My favorite part was when the scale tipped over and fell on my team’s bot. For some reason my first instinct was to scream “that looks like a field fault.” We need to make that a gif and meme it as hard as possible, if it already hasn’t been.

Matches will hopefully uploaded hopefully tomorrow - we’ll keep you posted on those. I’m sure teams may learn a lot by watching a couple rounds we have taped. FUN will be going through to parse the matches - we only got in 15. I think Tyler mentioned that he would have them tomorrow so I’ll repost the link.

Thanks again and now for some sleep!


I’ll just leave this here:

For increased visibility of the hands down highlight of the year, even if it’s only February.

Oh goodness - so many tweaked elevators due to the scale. After what I saw at SpecCheck and from the teams we work with, there will be major congestion issues when trying to get around the scale. I will stand by my earlier statement that nimble switchbots/everybots are going to be the some of the first off the shelf come alliance selections.

Good luck all - and get that driver practice in!

I don’t even know where to begin apologizing for this…but we will def help repair any damages that occurred :frowning:

Let us be the example that prevents this from happening out there for the rest of the season!

Also so everyone knows, that isn’t our actual competition robot, that’s last years practice bot with a prototype elevator bolted onto it ( which is why it doesn’t fit into starting configuration for those that had questioned that ), our actual competition robot is a scale bot that fits perfectly under the scale when it’s low and between that and coming out of auto for the first time ever, well let’s just say there was some miscommunications :frowning:

Also all of us at 271 would like to thank the Regal Eagle’s for hosting this event we had a blast and learned a lot, like running 2 different bots in back to back matches for a few hours straight is a major strain on batteries. But we’re looking forward to doing this again in the future and would love to help out if you need anything!

Regal Eagle Matches are now on YouTube. Please note that there was not a local archive so I put together what I could off the webcast.

Awesome thank you for posting these

Thank you so much for coming and don’t worry at all about the scale or robot. We were able to fix both in between the replayed matches and we can just call it stress testing.

It also would have fell sooner or later and I’m happy it was sooner and with both of our teams who understand that stuff happens. :smiley:

Thank you for coming - we had so much fun hosting you. You guys are one of the friendliest yet most competitive teams in southern NY. It’s always so much fun meeting up.

We’ll let you know if we need anything else this season! Thanks again!

Thank you so much for hosting. We appreciate your patience and support as we dealt with unexpected issues throughout the day. It was a huge learning experience for us, and livestream internet is 100% an area of improvement we’re working on for next year.

We apologize for the poor stream quality. I am collecting any match videos parents and students may have. I expect to have those uploaded to either YouTube or a Google Photos Folder by Wednesday.

Thanks again!