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Welcome to 2869, The Regal Eagle’s build blog. We are a team based out of Bethpage, New York. We currently have around 20-30 active members and meet everyday except Sunday for a total of 29 hours a week. We are excited to compete in our 15th season this year. Our build blogs are also posted on our website,, and are written by our amazing media team (not me), but I should be able to answer any questions.

Week 1

The Regal Eagles started the season together watching the FIRST Robotics Competition Livestream, Saturday, January 7th, 2023. This marks the beginning of build season for all FRC teams! Following the reveal of this year’s game, the team broke-off into groups to tackle different aspects of the game. We have a design team that discusses possible robot designs, a strategy team that goes over a game plan, and a manual team that reads through the game manual and rules. Along with the robot being built, our carpentry team additionally is starting to build the new field for Regal Rampage!

The mechanical team has started organizing tools and materials by building wooden shelves. Also, they’ve started building prototypes that can be incorporated into how our robot will pick up cones and cubes. Additionally, the team finished assembling the swerve drive module, and is now starting the chassis.

Working alongside the mechanical team, the electrical team has started wiring the panel to attach the swerve drive. While working, the electrical team is mentoring new students in order to train a new generation of members to pass on our knowledge, and grow as a team.


Sorry we are so late with these weeks.

Week 2

The Regal Eagles have been working diligently on the robot to have it ready for our annual Regal Eagle Rampage event! Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) team and mechanical team have started drafting ideas for the robot arm.

Additionally, the electrical team and CAD team have been working together to CNC the Lexan base plate for our electrical panel which contains the PDH, roboRIO, VRM, radio, and spark max. The Programming team has finished the swerve drive. We have been practicing driving it around in order to prepare for our event Regal Eagle Rampage and out competitions in April.

This is our robot with swerve and on the chassis with our electrical panel.

Week 3/4

Due to having midterms throughout week 3 of the build season, we have decided to merge our week 3 and week 4 blogs to stay on track. Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) team has been making our piston intake, arm, and the total robot CAD. We have prototyped our grabber mechanism for the robot in order for our robot to grab the cones and cubes on the field of the game. Our carpentry team has been making our field and pieces in order for teams to compete in Regal Eagle Rampage which 12+ teams will attend to practice for competitions and test out their robots in a friendly environment in our schools gymnasium throughout the morning and afternoon of Sunday March 5, 2023. Parts of the carpentry team are also painting the pieces their respective colors on the field (red and blue). We are finalizing our panel design for the robot and the programming team has the swerve chassis moving and functioning. Our motor team assembled the motor for the arm of the robot with piston housing construction as well. Our autonomous is functioning and with trajectory following and we have iterations of 3d printed parts. We are excited to finish and face our competitors in Regal Eagle Rampage and at competitions!

CAD photos

Field Pieces

Week 5

In week 5 of build season, our pneumatics team mainly focused on understanding the electrical components behind the piston arm. They have been working on the design for the electrical panel, and how it works with the other electrical components. Our CAD team has been working on designing the robot arm. In the design process we came across many challenges, including the weight of the arm. Since the arm is the furthest out from the robot, there is a potential risk of the arm falling and breaking or damaging other parts of the robot. To help with this issue, we are using sprockets on the arm to create a stronger support and add additional gearing. We are currently working on reconstructing many parts of the arm with aluminum brackets to make the arm as strong as possible, while being as light as possible. Additionally, to grab cones and cubes in game, we are using a piston that can expand and retract to hold on to, and place down the items. We have also been working on the programming of the pneumatics system, which allows the piston to extend and retract. Our programmers have also finished the autonomous coding, which is necessary in the first 15 seconds of each round. To improve our robot, we replaced the chassis base with thicker and better tubes. We’re looking to finish the robot by next Saturday, so the remaining few weeks of build season can be dedicated to perfecting the code, and practice driving.


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