Regarding field lengths

Does anyone know what the blue lengths in the picture are? I am trying to decide if putting our robot there is viable during autonomous.

The shorter of the two lines is about 31" long.

This document may help.

No it does NOT help.
In fact is is nearly useless for determining many essential relative dimensions between field elements. There is no angle spec on the corner wall?
There is no length spec for the end wall between the corners.
Is it so hard for First to issue a fully and properly dimensioned field layout drawing with absolute and relative dimensions intelligently and thoroughly presented?

It is a huge waste of time dealing with these partially dimensioned drawings and the doing a treasure hunt for clues from other places how to cobble together a more complete and useful drawing. Most frustrating.
-Dick Ledford

Yeah, It can be pretty hard to get the dimension you want out of the official drawings. I usually just go to the field CAD model, which even though is unofficial, is usually pretty good.

We had this issue at Hatboro-Horsham – our robot couldn’t fit there. We should have been able to fit our robot there, theoretically, but the field was not up to par. I wouldn’t count on being able to fit your robot in there.

My team puts our bot each time for auto at this exact place… i don’t have the measurements though

If my math and drawing interpretation are correct, the short line is 30.78", and the long line is 45.3".

I’ve never really enjoyed the way the field layout drawings are dimensioned, but this one actually seems like it’s got less data than usual.

Remember that it is always an option to simply remove the yellow tote at the beginning of the match. However, it looks as though your team is setting up for an auto stack, so that probably isn’t an option.
Sorry I can’t help you with your original question, I’m not my team’s measurements guy.

Also remember that the field is not always the exact dimensions. There usually is about half an inch or sometimes more even more of variance in the field. So take in mind that just because the robot fits there in a perfect world it just may not actually

Actually, Page 6 gives you most of what you need to know in order to calculate most of the other dimensions.

What is missing is either: The length of the Alliance Station, or the length of the Chute Wall.

GE-15013 from the Game Specific Drawings shows you that the length of the Chute Wall is approximately 82.5 inches plus about 5 inches from the GE-15012.

With 2 of the 3 sides of the right triangle, you can now calculate a lot of the distances.

It is a big math puzzle that is not beyond the abilities of the students.

I’m the programming mentor, and here is my attempt at some critical dimensions based on the solidworks field drawing, and using the eDrawings file viewer measuring tool.

YMMV, but hey somewhere in the rules, it says that the tape is like plus or minus and inch so it should be close to real.

Let me know if something looks way off.

image.pdf (2.13 MB)

image.pdf (2.13 MB)

When talking through the field dimensions with students this year I usually had to preface the discussion with something like,

“Now if you decide to do CAD for a living, make sure that your drawings are properly dimentioned. If they aren’t, then your manufacturer will have to go through the same headache that FIRST is putting us through right now.”

It’s a great teachable moment :smiley:

Prior to the start of competition, there’s always a time set aside for teams to measure the field. That’s your opportunity to bring up issues regarding how the field was built. For regionals this year, it is usually sometime during the morning of practice day.