Regarding giving out FIRST info

I am currently attepmting to put together a “please send us money” packet. I’d liuke to state that, though we love our sponsors, more money is always needed. In addition to information about our team, we woud like to include info about FIRST. What restrictions are there on this information? (i.e., what kind of permission do i need to get, etc.) Thanks!:]

I’m not sure about restrictions, but I would go check the Team Organizaiton category in the White Papers.

There are a few sample ‘help us with funds’ letters that you can use to model your letters.

I don’t think there is any rules on TEXT with first. I know there is something with IMAGES. Believe it was something if you use it to promote FIRST and if you don’t give FIRST a bad name with it then it is alright. I think I read that on before. I would look there. Maybe they mentioned it at a competition last year??? Anyone else remember something like that??