Regarding Shipping the robot

Can we keep our PLC controller to work on the program until the competition time, or do we have to send the PLC with the robot?

Per Team Update #5 at

Section 5. The Robot
FIRST will allow you to keep your all of your operator controls (Operator Interface, OI power supply, joysticks, etc.) and not ship it with your robot on Tuesday, 2/24/2004. This will allow you to continue to work on your programming.
If you decide not to ship it with your robot, please remember to bring it to your 1st competition. FIRST does not have replacement controls.


Isn’t it kind of foolish to be so rude when you don’t even answer the question? The quote you provided is talking about the operator interface only, not the RC.

To answer the original question, no, the rules do not appear to allow you to keep the robot controller this year, only the operator interface.

Uhh…I think they DID actually answer the question.

Why would they let you keep just your OI to work on programming?..

I know we have the EDU-Robot, but I don’t think that’s going to work.


I side with Dave on this one… The wording of the rule seems very clear to me.

FIRST probably considers the RC to be part of the robot. The OI is not. It does save you from having to buy an RC and an OI to use after shipping.

/edit - Update #6 redefines this issue… You CAN keep the RC… /