Regestration for 2007

Hello CD Community,
Wow! its been a long time since I’ve posted.
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea as to when FIRST will release info about the Kickoff, Regionals and the event regestration for this upcoming season.

-A calender for 07’ perhaps

darn, someone beat me to the regional question, but when was kickoff last year, maybe this year its around the same time?

Given past history, kickoff will be Saturday, January 6th.

Tend to look for the second week of October for the calender of information.

Thanks you guys.

If FIRST holds to previous years they should be opening the TIMS system by mid September with registration for the first regional by the end of the month.

Where is the 2007 Calender of Important Dates on the FIRST website?

On the FRC page, right hand side, under the map.

On the FRC page, right hand side, under the map.

Thanks, Judy and kpugh!

For FRC, the calendar is linked from the Team Resources section and can be found at

The FLL schedule is at

The JFLL registration has been extended until Oct. 13, and the events schedule is at

The FVC schedule is at and events are listed at

This should help teams get a feel for what FIRST events are occuring in their areas - please come out and support the programs you are not directly involved in either by cheering, visiting the pits, or volunteering!