Regional and District "counts"

Does anyone have the data on this historical information?

Number of Regional Competitions, by year.
Number of District Competitions, by year.

I have the totals but they are spread out by year through our history pages.
See if this spreadsheet helps.

EventsByYear.xls (326 KB)

EventsByYear.xls (326 KB)

Well, Cowscout has the number of total events by year. You can count out the districts/regionals to find how many of each one.

Any idea about the backstory surrounding 1995’s Texas and North Carolina “attempted” regionals? (Not to derail the thread too much…)

Well, according to this, the North Carolina regional was cancelled in 1995 due to a lack of teams participating.


One error that I noticed in your spreadsheet, the Ann Arbor District in Michigan was replaced this year by the Northville District.


Thanks, I added that change.

Those two attempted events back in 1995 just didn’t seem to draw the teams/local support.

Nice work digging that memo up—it probably belongs in the Technokats’ history project (both for its content and because of who wrote it).

Thanks, and yes I believe it is. For some reason I have a lot of old FIRST documents in my Google Docs, if you would like any more.