Regional Animation Winners?

There doesn’t seem to be a list of which animations won the first week of regionals on Streamline yet. In the meantime we can use this space to announce which animation won each regional. Congratulations to all teams that posted animations, and won the regionals!

Week 1:
NH - 151
NJ - 103
VCU - 116
Pac NW - 955

Week 2:
Arizona - 192
Great Lakes - 1481
Pittsburgh - 117
Florida - 386-A
St. Louis - 537

Also, the list of regional winners is on Streamline in 2004 FIRST Competition/AVA Regional Winners.

Detroit - 1188

Sac: 1097

We (TEAM 230) pulled off a win the UTC New England Regional- (Week 3)
Thanks for all the supporting Votes.
Keep on 3D’ing

Good luck to all the Regional Winners at the Championships (or during the actual Judging)

CONGATS to: Matt, Stuey, Rac, Paul, Will, Zac, Tom, & Samantha

Chesapeake - 116 (2nd win this year!)

Peachtree - Team 807 - The Monster Mechanics

Week 5
Silicon Valley team 253

253’s animation was so beautiful.

399 (our mentors from last year) won the SoCal’s animation award, but that was just because i didn’t get enough time to make one. :smiley: jk

OH YOU THOUGHT 253’s animation was BEAUTIFUL!? THANKS…
This was my last year, and I was soo happy i won, finally. It was first
time for us to win the animation award. Well, basically i was in charge of
the whole project, and this one other new member worked with me. He was
great. WE put a lot of time and efforts in it. Anyway, what was so beautiful about it?

The craftsmenship, mostly.
The monochromatic look.
The story came across as poetic. Very different from what most animations are.

I only know 3 winners this year, well 2 actually. 116 won VCU and Chesepeake, and 1097 won sacremento. Wow, we can actually win something. Well, we came sooo close to chairmans and a finals appearance in richmond, but those are different stories for different times.

The X-Cats know how you feel (well, sort of).

wow, it’s cool that we are talking as if we were chatting.
Did you use the streamline to Download our animation koko?

Just curious, has any other team won an animation award twice this year?

No, but my team has taken imagery at four consecutive competitions. Detroit was crazy for us, we won Animation, Chairman’s, Imagery, and our robot placed 6th in standings and almost made it to the finals.

Team 48 - Delphi ELITE won the animation award at The Canadian Regional. We also won the leadership in controls award, Engineering inspiration award, and Regional Finalists (again). All in all it was a great weekend.

I haven’t seen 253’s animation, anyone have a link?