Regional Awards?

My team and I are trying to apply for Rookie All Star and some of the machining awards. What we were wondering is how too apply for them at the regional level. Would someone be willing to send me a link to some instructions? We are going to the Inland Empire regional if that helps.

Awards like the ones you mentioned, Rookie All-Star, design awards, etc. aren’t submitted for-- instead winners are selected by judges who watch matches and make the rounds to pits at competition.

Full award instructions are here:

I’ll be at Inland Empire myself; I’ll have to catch ya in person at some point.

Basic award application: If it isn’t specifically called out in the Administrative Manual, the judges (blue polo shirts) will stop by your pit and talk to you. My advice is that at least one person be in the pit at ALL times to talk to the judges; this person should be knowledgeable about the robot and at least some of the other items you’ve done.

Green polo shirts are safety advisers, who award the Safety Award.

A couple of other notable groups to interact with:
The folks in “Crew” shirts carrying clipboards taking a really close look at your robot are inspectors–they’re just checking to make sure you’re safe and legal to compete. (If they’re saying something about “HURRY UP”, they’re not inspectors, they’re queuing, and you need to be either in line or on the field as soon as possible.)

And when you’re at the field, the folks in the stripes are the refs, enforcing game rules.

All Rookie Teams at your event will be considered for Rookie All Star. The Blue Shirted judges want to talk to students when they come to your pit. Pick one or two students that you think will convey information about your team to the judges. When they come to the pit, please step away and watch from afar. If they need you to answer a question they will call you over. They want to hear about your failures and successes, how you act as a team, your design process and your abilities. Enthusiastic students make a big impression. Winning Rookie All Star is a huge achievement but not winning just means one of the other rookies was slightly better than you. Your lead inspector should meet with you and your students each day and explain what is going to take place. The lead inspector is your contact in the pits. They are there to help you and your students have a great event. Ask them anything, anytime. Don’t wait. A small problem becomes a huge problem in a matter of minutes, especially on Saturday afternoon. Good luck!

AWESOME! We were getting a bit worried how we could not find anything on how to apply. We would love to see and talk to you we are The Neurotoxins team 5107 and I am Brenden Geary. Good luck to yah!

Brenden Geary