Regional Brackets: Week 5

Okay, here is the list for this weeks regionals offered through webcast. as far as i know

Greater Toronto (does anyone know how this is going to work. i mean are there going to be two playoffs for two diffrent feilds…???)

Lone Star


Las Vages (Maybe…???)

as usual, a correct guess is worth 5 pts and a incorrect guess is worth… well nothing

same rules apply as last week. but this time. i will post final scores for each regional by the end of sunday.

thanks. have fun on saturday

PS if anyone wants to play but they are gona be at that regional (ie: Palmetto), just PM me on sat. night with your guesses that whoever was playing wrote on a sheet of paper…this will count in a seprete division. not to think anyone would actually cheat here.

Since there are going to be two 75 teams and two fields in GTR, the Super-regional is going to have a slightly different playoff routine. The elimination rounds will start with 12 alliances (not 8). The 4 highest ranked alliances will automatically advance to the second round.

I was there today (setting up a practice field) and apparently there are going to be 12 alliances, with the top 4 getting a first round buy. Oh, and there are two fields.

Thanks guys. so they are going to work it like a super NFL playoff system. insted of six teams (allinces) they wil have 12.

ok guys i get it now.



6th finals?

Alliance 8 vs 9
Alliance 8 wins!

Alliance 7 vs 10
Alliance 10 wins!

Alliance 5 vs 12
Alliance 12 wins

Alliance 6 vs 11
Alliance 11 Wins

Quarter finals

Alliance 1 vs 8
Alliance 1 wins!

Alliance 2 vs 10
Alliance 2 wins!

Alliance 4 vs 12
Alliance 4 wins!

Alliance 3 vs 11
Alliance 3 wins!


Alliance 1 vs 4
Alliance 1 wins! (Matches to be remember for sure. I flipped a coin to decide)

Alliance 2 vs 3
Alliance 2 wins! (Has potential to be quite a nailbiter though)

Alliance 1 vs 2
Alliance 1 wins! (296 is definitely an incredible robot, as is its two partners, but 2 Triplets make one sturdy alliance)

Alliance 1 vs 8
Alliance 1 (It’ll be close though)

Alliance 2 vs 7
Alliance 2

Alliance 3 vs 6
Alliance 6

Alliance 4 vs 5
Alliance 4

Alliance 1 vs 4
Alliance 1

Alliance 2 vs 6
Alliance 2

Alliance 1 vs 2
Alliance 2 wins the Philidelphia Regional

um can someone give me team numbers because ive been busy all morning.