Regional Director Jobs at FIRST

I didn’t realize FIRST posted jobs on their website about Regional Director Positions. Maybe some of you CD fans can help fill some FIRST positions.

I wish I lived a little closer. The positon in Maryland sounds fantastic.

That beyond sound like a good idea. Anybody heard of it before (its powered by team 103, props to them, but in general, anybody else). It really needs to be better publicised to be a good resource. It only has a total of 5 jobs on the entire site.

BeyondFIRST would be a great way to obtain jobs from fellow FIRST members.

However, I think LinkedIn has a big advantage just because of the sheer number of people.

Maybe one day ChiefDelphi , BeyondFIRST and other websites will enable OpenSocial so you can share a common set of information between many sites.

That’s really cool; I also did not realize they did that. I can’t fill a job yet- I’m still a high school senior, so I’m not quite ready to be the CT Regional director (haha)- but I’m sure this will help spread it to the people who are floating around CD who can help.