Regional Kickoffs...

Just curious as to hear how people felt about their specific regional kickoffs and how they were run.

-Jessica B

I watched the simulcast from my computer and then went down to the Richmond kick-off to meet other attendees and to attend the programming session.

I had the opportunity attend the Manchester kick-off last year. And, while there is no comparison if you get to visit the Kamen compound, the Regional kick-off was worthwhile.

In light of the fact that kits cannot be flown out of Manchester, I especially like the opportunity to have kit delivered to the regional kick-off.

I would consider ours to have been a success. I think there could have been more pizza, though.


More pizza definitly would’ve been nice, but the Richmond regional kick-off I thought went very well. While not being all the way up in NH it still got a lot of teams together which is always nice. Large video of the kickoff along with being able to see a completed goal worked out very well.

~Tom Fairchild~, who one day hopes to make the pilgramage up to NH. :wink:

I really enjoyed the kickoff at the Novi site. I thought everyone involved did a great job organizing the event, and I think it went really well. The setup was good, and the workshops were great. I learned a whole lot about programming that I never knew.

I thought the kickoff in Kokomo, IL (lol) went great…hope we have the chance to do it again next year…


kokomo hosted a great kickoff… next time i go up there i need to remember my digital camera and camcorder instead of leaving them outside on the docks. i’m so stupid…

I just want to thank team 45 for an awesome kickoff…Meeting everyone was lots of fun, so was Pizza Hut and everything else! Also, I jut have to say…you guys have the SWEETEST machine shop…i am very very jealous…

I really enjoyed the Kokomo kick-off. I thought it was very well ran.
One question though. I didn’t see the sign welcoming me to Illinois. Where was it :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all at the regionals and Championship.

Wayne Doenges

I went to the Toronto, Canada Regional Kick-Off.
It was pretty good cuz lots of people showed up. A few TV stations also showed up.
We watched the live NASA TV feed on big screen.