Regional Sizes

Is it me or are the regionals getting smaller and smaller every year? I mean the PNW regional has 20 spots, and I saw another one with 32. Maybe it is that they are just using small facilities…Anyone have any idea why they are small?

My guess is Social Engineering by FIRST.

It was my understanding that a location had to have at least 10 teams in its area to host a regional. If you look at the regional in Seattle I believe only 3 are from Washington, my guess would be FIRST is holding places.

According to the info available from FIRST all the regionals are now FULL.

Maybe FIRST should limit the number of regionals teams can attend to one or two so more teams can participate. :confused: :eek:

When FIRST originally released its schedule of evetns there was a specific place for the Pacific NW Regional, but now it’s TBD. This leads me to believe that for some reason the location FIRST wanted to use backed out of hosting the Regional. So my guess is that FIRST has limited the PNW Regional to 20 teams because that’s the minimum number of teams that FIRST would like to see at a competition.

As for other regional sizes… the Silicon Valley Regional says that it’s full with 42 teams. Last year the SV Regional was at the same location and had 52-54 teams competing. I can’t see what FIRST would have to gain by downsizing the Regionls, especially if the cost of production for each regional isn’t downsized. So it seems like FIRST is indeed holding spots for each regional, and hopefully they give preference to teams within the state of each regional.

And so the increases in the size of the regionals starts. Houston went from 45 to 50 slots overnight. Wonder when and which other regionals will change???

Nats just increased to 186 teams from ~168… and there’s another spot open for an even team.

who knows they all seem to be increasing!!!


it seemed to suddenly get bigger once i made that post…isnt that wierd…i hope it was just coincidence…



I guess as more and more things start to get finalized (ie place to hold the comp, food, etc…) they’re letting more teams in. At least, that would be my best guess.