Regional Summary Spreadsheet

The attached spreadsheet shows a snapshot summary of who is going to which regional and how many regionals each team is going to as of Feb 1.

It is interesting to see which teams at your regional will have been to another regional before yours …

A few observations:

There are currently 1501 teams registered

  • 1 team is registered for FOUR regionals!! (FRC 555) **
  • 16 teams are registered for 3 regionals
  • 25% of the teams do 2 regionals
  • 75% do 1 regional
  • 1 team is doing NO regionals (ATL only)

** That’s FOUR regionals PLUS Atlanta = 5 events.
Makes my head hurt just thinking about it …
How do they do that? I gotta meet these guys …

Half of the teams doing 3 regionals are already signed up 
   for ATL, so that's FOUR events - that makes my head hurt too ..

25% of the teams that are registered for 2 regionals
  have already registered for ATL.

Let me know if you see any errors or have any changes …

  • Rick

Here’s the spreadsheet … (72.3 KB) (72.3 KB)

Team 1065 is going to the Florida Regional not only to Atlanta :slight_smile:

You’re missing team 848 who will attend the Los Angeles Regional.

according to tims team 1065 is going to the FL regional and not just Atlanta

Apparently team 1065 is going to the Florida Regional not only to Atlanta.

Just kidding…

Nice work.

Your missing our team! Team 1225. We’ll be attending the Palmetto regional.

Great work on the spreadsheet, I can see it took awhile time to make. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re in there at row 664.

wow this spread sheet is really nice.

Nice Job except that Team 250 is going to 2 regionals, not just one. We will be attending Finger Lakes and the Buckeye Regional

that’s a nice spreadsheet, but team 1379 is not just going to the Peachtree Regional, we’re also going to the Bayou Regional :wink:

that’s great research!
I saw that team 555 was doing 4 plus championships earlier and thought, when do the students go to school then?:smiley:
I thought we were bad missing almost 4 weeks of school.:smiley: (3 regionals and Atlanta).
Lets see someone next year break this record and go to 5 or 6 next year plus Atlanta. Now that would really make my head hurt!

Here’s an updated version of the spreadsheet.

Still based on 2/1/2008 TIMS, but added comments posted here on CD.

Lemme know if you are aware of any other changes/updates and we’ll get them added in too… (73.5 KB) (73.5 KB)