Regional Team List

Well… Having not a lot better to do (total lie :)) I decided that i would pull all the Teams attending the regionals and dump them into a nice file for scouting/other useful data. Anyway, attached is a CSV file. The event_id is numbered to go with what regional it is. The numbers follow the order that is on: Then there is the team number, the team name (chopped to 255), and the team location (chopped to 255)

Hope this helps people. :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry. The & and any other special chars. will have ‘extra’ stuff that would make them show up correctly in a web browser. I might upload another version with just normal characters.

PPS: Had to zip the CSV file because it’s not a valid extension. :slight_smile: (32.7 KB) (32.7 KB)

I count 803 teams competing this season.


mIRC Script is limiting… but… if you are like me, you can do a lot with it. I have all of the team info parsed! no more junk for symbols.

Thanks to Jack for giving me a project to do, but all credit is due towards him. (31.4 KB) (31.4 KB)

I believe this is the correct event key to match the CSV file. Good stuff, thanks Jack.

1,“BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional, Manchester, NH”,3/6/03-3/8/03
2,“Buckeye Regional, Cleveland, OH”,3/6/03-3/8/03
3,“NASA / VCU Regional, Richmond, VA”,3/6/03-3/8/03
4,“Sacramento Regional, Sacramento, CA”,3/6/03-3/8/03
5,“St. Louis Regional, St. Charles, MO”,3/6/03-3/8/03
6,“Arizona Regional, Phoenix, AZ”,3/13/03-3/15/03
7,“Chesapeake Regional, Annapolis, MD”,3/13/03-3/15/03
8,“Pittsburgh Regional, Pittsburgh, PA”,3/13/03-3/15/03
9,“UTC New England Regional, Hartford, CT”,3/13/03-3/15/03
10,“Central Florida Regional, Orlando, FL”,3/20/03-3/22/03
11,“Great Lakes Regional, Ypsilanti, MI”,3/20/03-3/22/03
12,“New York City Regional, New York, NY”,3/20/03-3/22/03
13,“SBPLI Long Island Regional, Long Island, NY”,3/20/03-3/22/03
14,“Canadian Regional, Mississauga, ON”,3/27/03-3/29/03
15,“Midwest Regional, Evanston, IL”,3/27/03-3/29/03
16,“Peachtree Regional, Duluth, GA”,3/27/03-3/29/03
17,“Philadelphia Regional, Philadelphia, PA”,3/27/03-3/29/03
18,“Silicon Valley Regional, San Jose, CA”,3/27/03-3/29/03
19,“J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional, Piscataway, NJ”,4/3/03-4/5/03
20,“Lone Star Regional, Houston, TX”,4/3/03-4/5/03
21,“Pacific Northwest Regional, Seattle, WA”,4/3/03-4/5/03
22,“Southern California Regional, Los Angeles, CA”,4/3/03-4/5/03
23,“West Michigan Regional, Grand Rapids, MI”,4/3/03-4/5/03

My quick analysis shows a whopping 31 teams registered for 3 regionals, 230 teams registered for 2 regionals, and 532 teams registered for 1 regional.

My total is 793 unique teams. (not sure why it differs from Wayne C’s #) I just did a histogram and trrew out the bins with 0 occurrences.

793 is also the number listed on this page.