Regional Twitter Accounts - Keep up to date at the regionals

Team 2493 Robokong is proud to announce that the Regional Twitter Accounts (RTA) are now live.

A Twitter account has been created for each of the regionals. Following the account will provide you with up to date match scores and allow you to communicate with others following the regional account.

You can communicate with others following the RTA by sending a reply to the account.

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Sign up for a Twitter account at:
More information about the Regional Twitter Accounts can be found at:

ALSO Check out the First Robotics group on LinkedIN at

See you at the regionals!

There is also the FIRST Group on LinkedIN:

I am a bit worried about automatically RTing anything people tweet at the accounts. If I follow one of these accounts, I probably don’t care to see everything anyone has to say, and really mostly care about the match scores.


I’ve been looking at your approach and I think that given the way Twitter currently works an account for each regional is among the more ideal solutions. I think without the ability, via a bot that allows me to subscribe and then sends me a DM for the regional I subscribe to, that multiple accounts is the way to go. I suspect multiple accounts is a little more scalable.

I have to agree about the auto retweet. I think we should leave the conversation to the method the rest of the Twitter world uses, namely hash tags. People should tag things with #FRC and maybe like #NH that way those who want to see the backtalk can use a search and those who want scores can subscribe to the actual regional account.

An additional advantage to the above approach is it makes TXTs with match scores more practical. I can subscribe to a feed, turn on TXT updates and it will be at least manageable but if all the conversation is in there as well it could get fairly out of hand on the TXT/SMS side.

My thoughts,


I sent the FRC FMS format to FIRST today, probably come out in the Team Update tomorrow.

The account is

Regionals will be identified by the hash format #frc(event code) the event codes will be in the update.

EDIT: Test feeds are still going up now through start of matches Thursday, so you can start incorporating them if you’d like. This is an automated service done by FMS, right now it’ll only be on match commit, after we do some engineering collection on twitter performance, we have the capabiltiy to feed it semi-real-time during a match.

I think I will add the has tag #frc to the match scores so you can easily filter out the noise of the RTs

The concept originally started as a way to communicate and the match scores were added as an after thought. I get the feeling that the match score will be the more popular feature.

I can also block anyone from the RT feature if they abuse the system.

Will have to see how this works during week1 and maybe make adjustments as the season progresses.

Thanks for the feedback

Great idea. Would it be possible to add accounts for the Michigan district events as well?


how difficult would it be to add the team numbers to these tweets? I think it would be very valuable to see this information on the actual message then having to cross reference with the match list.

The team numbers are included.

See Team Update 15 for the message format

First of all, realize there are two solutions being discussed on this thread, the one done by Team 2493 Robokong, and the one done by FRCFMS.

The Regional Twitter Accounts created by Team 2493 will have this format

M22 [0:64] R: 1644-812-687 B: 1070-1669-330

This message tells you the following:

Match number 22 – M22
Score was Red Alliance 0, Blue Alliance 64 – [0:64]
Red Alliance consisted of teams 1644, 812, and 687 – R: 1644-812-687
Blue Alliance consisted of teams 1070, 1669, and 330 – B: 1070-1669-330

I added the Michigan District events tonight…

MI - Kettering University FIRSTMI1
MI - Cass Tech FIRSTMI2
MI - Detroit FIRSTMI3
MI - Lansing FIRSTMI4
MI - West Michigan FIRSTMI6
MI - Traverse City FIRSTMI7

Going by your sample format, I assume that Red will always be listed first, then a colon, then Blue in the format for score?

You are correct, the red score will always be first, then a colon, then the blue score.

I should also add that I’ve appended the hash tag #frc to the scores to help filter them out from any conversational chatter on the account, so the final format will be like this:

M22 [0:64] R: 1644-812-687 B: 1070-1669-330 #frc

Match number 22 – M22
Score was Red Alliance 0, Blue Alliance 64 – [0:64]
Red Alliance consisted of teams 1644, 812, and 687 – R: 1644-812-687
Blue Alliance consisted of teams 1070, 1669, and 330 – B: 1070-1669-330

Will you be doing any sort of covering of practice rounds? I know they don’t count for much, but it would be nice to know to get an idea of which times are shaping up well and which will be doing some last minute edits.

The feed I am pulling from doesn’t include practice matches. It pulls from First’s Match Results pages which does cover practice rounds.

Of course this doesn’t prevent an enterprising person at the match from broadcasting the practice match results from the regional using the Regional Twitter Accounts

Here is a link to the twitter data in Excel format

The colums are:

id MatchID MatchNumber MatchName EventID RedTeam1 RedTeam2 RedTeam3 BlueTeam1 BlueTeam2 BlueTeam3 RedScore BlueScore Tweeted EventName year week location

This is pretty awesome, but I have one question (still trying to wrap my head around some corner cases).

I know some regionals, like the Lone Star Regional, doesn’t have an official twitter feed from the FRC FMS (as per the Team Update #15). I noticed that your regional twitter system DOES include the Lone Star Regional. I’m trying to determine where the data is going to come from, and if I can rely on getting score information for this kind of situation from your regional twitter system.

I read your webpage, and I’m still unclear if you’re getting data only from the FRC FMS system, the Blue Alliance, both, or what? In designing a scouting system that will (hopefully) pull information from the twitter feed(s), how likely am I to get information for Lone Star via the twitter feeds?


I am pulling match information exclusively from The Blue Alliance which comes from the First web site score page, which had Lone Star data last year and should this year as well.

I will be scraping the Standings page from the first web site and broadcasting standings every 15 minutes, hopefully before week 3.

And finally, I am starting to post the data in Excel (.csv) format by the end of each competition day to make scouting analysis a bit easier. These files will be located at

PS: I posted a design doc for the RTAs here…

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Team Robokong (2493) brings you Standings Tweets. Follow along at the twitter accounts below and receive a twitter message of the top 24 teams every 15 minutes.

Below is a sample of what the message will look like

TOP 24 | 0211 1058 1512 1519 0131 | 0040 0126 0501 0175 0138 | 0058 1153 2370 2342 1073 | 1721 1276 1289 0181 1991 | 0319 1100 0500 0238

Follow along at
Los Angeles
Silicon Valley
MI - Cass Tech

For more details, go to

Does anybody have access to the frcfms HTML code for a twitter widget? I’m trying to make a self-updating page for my team (2108) to show live updates of the events, but I can’t get the HTML for the frcfms widget. Just wondering if anyone happens to have it.

Edit: Nevermind. I just used code for my own account and changed the username in the HTML. Sorry about that. :wink: