Regional Video Recording

Hi all,

With Regionals fast approaching, its important for the community that we organize who will be able to record what events. Last year we had the lowest event recording rate in a few years, and I’d hate to lose so many matches to the fog of time again this year.

If your team is able to record matches at a video you’re attending, please sign up on the FIRST Wiki!


What is required for doing this?

At champs I’ve seen people with digital video recorders, but I doubt we have access to any of those. could a computer with a video capture card be used?

Requires an account to edit, which I don’t have. :frowning: Isn’t Washington DC a week 3 regional? And team 612 is planning to archive washington DC

I’m hoping that FLR will be on local tv again. Then it will be very easy to digitally record it via cable.

You can setup an account, just click sign in/setup acct at the top right of the screen.

As the number of flex events increases, being able to count on using house video for recording will get harder, because it won’t be consistent between events. People who want to record will probably have to coordinate with the regional planning committee to find out what type of capabilities are available. For example, at the Arizona regional last year, there was just a single connection available, which was used by the web-cast. It’s possible more connections could have been arranged if there was advance notice, but it can’t be assumed that the standard setup will always be available.

So far only one Week 1 regional is going to be recorded.

Are there any teams that can help out with the others?

If you check on TBA for the FLR videos last year, they are taken from the stands, way close to the left entrance of the pits. Terrible quality, you can’t see a thing: We took them.

Either someone needs to get legit video up close, or we need to record the feed from the FMS.

I will be recording Florida and DC for scouting purposes during the event, If any of the people who signed up (team 612 for DC or 1251 for FL) need any video that they may be missing. I’ll be happy to provide it.

1676 expects to be recording NJ this year, but since I’m not responsible for that, I can’t commit to it.

Will there be someplace to plug in a capture card and laptop right from the field feed at the regional? Or are we expected to record the matches with our own video cameras.
We have a dazzle recorder and our team is interested in recording matches at our regionals to share, as well as hopefully broadcasting them live if we can coordinate it in time. Its our first year interested in doing this. Any tips from more experienced teams?

Check out this site: