Regional Web Hugs!

This year, similar to the IRI and Lone Star Web Hugs, I wanted to officially start the regional Web Hug. Why? Because I know a lot of people on CD come to Lone Star and other regionals and I don’t get to meet them because we have no “official” type meeting spot like in Atlanta where you can meet everyone from CD at once. Anyways to help kick this off I want to see if I can get 41-42 volunteers per regional and let Brandon and the Chief Delphi Crew take care of Atlanta. If we can get at least 10-15 regional Web Hugs I think it will be great for a first year tradition, but if we could get 25-30, that would be even more amazing!

So if you want to help run the Web Hug, please follow this format:

(Regional) - (CD Name(Possibly Team Number)) - (Location) @ (Time)
Lone Star - Pavan(118) - TBA. @ TBA

Please talk in the regional threads so that you can at least get some ideas on where to have it and when.

If you want to give some input on this idea, please feel free. Especially from Mike, Brandon, and the usual people that host the Official Chief Delphi Hug.


i’d host it for Israel, but it would look wierd for 2-3 people to hug =]

I’m not hugging Liron (Tottanka) unless there are at least two more people involved. :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue:

At the Israeli regional this is pretty redudnet because everyone pretty much knows everyone else from CD in the real life as well, but it would be awesome to meet CD people at American regionals! if I ever get to go i’ll definately find out where the CD meet is… :cool:


it woule be liek:
Me (tottanka)
you (leav)

and that’s basicly it :smiley:

Maybe Felix_Rosenberg would come too, and that guy from 1946, Ahmad.
But still, we know eachother pretty good, so it is redundent.

Hopefully we can’t get the attention of more teams to the FIRST Israel community website, FIRSTAid, and it should add a few more people to the hug.

Oh, and don’t forget Evyatar from 2216, he’ll want to join for sure. :smiley:

I’d love to do an SVR one, but I don’t think I’ll have time. If someone else helps organize, I’ll show up for sure!

Hey guys don’t you think that it would look pretty weird at the competition in Yad Eliyahu ?

Don’t get me wrong I just think it is strange. :slight_smile:

ahh. what the heck… we should do it anyway…

we should do something promoting the CD forum In Israel…
It’s a great resource and many could benefit by knowing it and participating in it…


If anyone plans an Los Angeles one, I’m sure there are some CD kids around who’d want to meet. lol

Hey why don’t we decide upon a special location where all CD people in Israel can meet each other during the regional ?

I suggest we gather near one of the gates in Yad Eliyahu.


I’ll see you guys at the kickoff and we’ll decide there… :cool:

Why don’t we start promoting CD in the Kick - Off ?

Hey you are right! That would be a great idea.
We can ask Alisha to remind it or just tell all the attendees at the event that there is a good resource for teams called Chief Delphi.

Anyways, how many CD people do we have in Israel at all? Anyone got a clue ?


we’ve got about 10 people.

If we are doing this it should’nt be in this thread anyway.
I will open one in FirstAid

I would love to see one at NJ. I’ll think about it, but I’ll probably be super busy.

Expanding the Web Hug to the regionals would be a great idea.

Since my team is attending Detroit and EMU I will take care of these events.

The Web Hug is simple to do and only takes a little time.

  1. Make many announcements and reminders.
  2. Select a time and location. ( Lunch works best on Thursday)
  3. Have a main spokes person.
  4. All gather in a group and cheer " 1,2,3, Let’s go FIRST!"

This is a great time to share your face with others that may only know your name on CD.

Please post a picture of the event with the name of the Regional so all can share the great experience.

I think it’s a funny Idea if people print out name tags with their CD avatar and name… like the one I attached:

It could help match a face to the CD friend…